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Current Chamber Public Policy Positions

Colorado's Oil & Gas Industry

We support Responsible Oil & Gas Development in Colorado

The oil and natural gas revolution represents a once-in-a-century opportunity for the United States - and for Colorado, too. The dramatic increase in natural resource production has recast the economic fortunes of North Dakota and Pennsylvania and redoubled the prosperity of traditional energy producers such as Texas and Oklahoma. This energy boom similarly creates great opportunity for the state of Colorado, and only if we take advantage of it.

The undersigned have jointly developed the below pledge to support responsible energy development in Colorado. Our intent is to promote rational discussion on this issue from a business perspective. Will you join us? If so, we will add your name and logo to the list of prominent Colorado businesses and associations who support this pledge. (Below signatories are Chamber Members - to see a full list of signatories, visit



To see a full list of signatories to this pledge, visit

Pledge to Support Responsible Oil & Gas Development in Colorado

  • The oil and gas industry is a key driver of Colorado's economy. According to the CU Leeds School of Business, in 2012, Colorado's oil and gas industry employed over 50,000 people. Over 111,000 Colorado jobs are supported by the oil and gas development. Over $29 billion in economic activity and almost $1.6 billion in public revenue were contributed by the oil and gas industry to the state of Colorado. This $1.6 billion represents 16% of Colorado's general fund, or $817 per household in taxes.
  • The United States can become energy independent - this enhances national security. The U.S. is seeing a 20-year low on oil imports and the likelyhood of natural gas exports. This is reducing our trade deficit and will be transformative in determining our foreign policy strategy because the U.S. will be less reliant on imports from unstable and hostile regimes.
  • Colorado is a recognized national leader in energy regulation. In 2008, the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission overhauled its existing regulations, adding 14 new rules and amending 66 others, to make Colorado the leader in having the most comprehensive and strongest rules in the nation. In late 2011, COGCC passed a new rule requiring operators to disclose chemicals used in the hydraulic fracturing process to FracFocus, a nationwide online database. In 2013, COGCC passed a statewide baseline monitoring groundwater rule, the first of its kind which required pre- and post-testing around well sites. Additionally, it passed an expanded well-setback rule, which increased the buffer zone required around buildings and homes, and mandated more communication from operators before they drill.
  • We rely on facts and data to guide discussion. Colorado business leaders believe that policy discussion on energy issues should be driven by facts and data to guide the right decision for Colorado.
  • We support rigorous and comprehensive state regulations. Colorado business leaders do not support arbitrary bans or moratoria.
  • Responsible Debate. We are confident that we can develop energy in Colorado, protect our environment, and achieve great economic benefit for Coloradans. We don't support any views that draw a line in the sand and refuse to engage in efforts to resolve energy policy issues.


We know that we can fully develop the energy opportunities in Colorado while protecting the public and our environment. We support moving forward to realize the economic gain these opportunities offer all of Colorado.

If you agree with this pledge and want to add your name to our growing list of business leaders in support of responsible oil & gas development in Colorado, contact Jeff Allen at or Peter Moore at

Greater Glendale Chamber Member Signatories as of 11/20/13:
Jeff Allen, COO, Greater Glendale Chamber of Commerce
Michael Dunafon, Mayor, City of Glendale
Peter Moore, Senior Partner, Polsinelli
Bob Liebhauser, ActionCOACH
Inga Phillip, Owner, Phillip Gira Insurance Agency